Business Website Design :

We don’t create websites that just show information or data. But we focus on creating strategic user flow and proper website structure that will convert your casual visitors into prospects and leads. Suitable for businesses like Travels, B2B, Agencies, Education, Real Estate, Restaurants, Saloon, Gym, Consultants, Medical and more.

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e-Commerce Website Design:

We know you have amazing e-commerce products that has huge potential customer base online. People having great business opportunities fail to start, just because they think that starting an eCommerce Website is difficult, time consuming and requires high budget. But it’s not true. “You focus on your eCommerce Business and let us take care of your eCommerce Website.”

Digital Gravity Technologies possess huge experience and is backed with amazing team of website designers that makes us one of the best eCommerce Website Design Company in India

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Frequently Asked Questions :

How long 50% Discount Scheme is available ?

This is a limited time offer. It may be pulled off any time, even today or tomorrow.

Will I get notification when a Form is filled by user?

Yes. On each form submitted on your website, you will get email notification with the details filled on form (like name, mobile, message). As a renowned Website Design Company in India, our job is to make sure you get best possible lead conversions from your website.

Will I get Good Website Service ?

We are not just website creators, rather we are also a complete digital marketing agency. We not only create beautiful, mobile responsive and fast loading websites, but at the same time we make sure that your website users go through STRATEGIC FLOW and they get exact clarity about your company, products and services without any confusion.

What is time frame ?
We work on project to project basis with least possible plans and pricing. And hence total time required for a project is 7 working days including changes, inputs and corrections from client side. We do not encourage clients that keep on fetching website creation time frame for multiple weeks or months. You as a client and we as a company should be committed to complete the project in 7 working days. Delay of 2 to 5 days is okay, but in general we try to complete a project in 7 working days. As a result oriented Web Design Company in India, we encourage and push you to get your website live at earliest possible and start doing business. Changes and Updation is a continuous process.
Which Technology is used for Website ?

We use WordPress for our own website and recommend the same to our clients. WordPress is the best CMS in the world and majority of our sites are build on wordpress and it is the best known for it’s SEO and User Friendly framework. We also use HTML5 and CSS.

Be assure that your work is handled by one of the top website design company in India and the prices are fair as compared to quality work we are providing.

Does it include Domain and Hosting ?

It’s completely your decision from where you want to buy domain and hosting. We do not provide domain or hosting in above plans. You can buy domain from GoDaddy or BigRock and they also offer hosting services. 

What about Site Contents and Images ?

We do basic content creation based on inputs provided by clients like Company details, product details, service details, Logo, basic images, etc. However if you don’t have even basic contents, then we need to hire professional content writing service for your website at an additional cost. But generally businesses have basic contents like brochure, product details, testimonials, etc.

Any offer for Digital Marketing Agencies ?

Most of the Digital Marketing Agencies & Freelancers struggle to get website done for their clients due to UnProfessional website designing companies in India. We have very competitive pricing given above and you can charge your own price from your customers and outsource website designing work to us. 

What about Website Push Notifications ?

We integrate Basic Version of Push Assist that provide push notification utpo 3000 subsribers for free.